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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Persuasive Writing

Hello My Friends. Some of you will be starting school this Fall, which means that persuasive essays and term papers are in your near future. If writing is not exactly your strength, there is no need to worry. You're in luck. I got you.

In my FREE E-BOOK I share 17 years of  knowledge and experience that I’ve personally imparted to SUCCESSFUL students, decorated professional writers, and hungry recording artists that have helped them to write more effectively and achieve personal goals.

Even if you are not in school, there are some basic tips that I offer in this book that you can APPLY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE TO YIELD ADVANTAGEOUS RESULTS THAT ARE TANGIBLE. My specific goal with this book is to impart useful information that will help you to magnify the seething energies that you already have burning inside of you. I hope that the words in this modest offering will assist in bringing you MORE MONEYINFLUENCE, and POWER over your environment.

To download my eBook, free of charge, CLICK HERE. If you would like to send me a donation for my work, you can do so via PayPal. My email address is No monetary contribution is too small. No monetary contribution is too large. The decision is yours to make, and I’m extremely confident that your next move will be your best move.

My next book will be for sale, and will have some interesting surprises. In the meantime, I'm excitedly declaring W.A.R. to show my gratitude to readers who’ve leant their loyal support to Mind Glow Media. Your friendship and integrity is NEVER taken for granted. In the spirit of love, I DECLARE W.A.R!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Black Dot Presents: Urban Culture Decoded

This afternoon I was in New Jersey enjoying the weather when I saw young man a few feet ahead of me walking with a pair of Beats By Dre headphones hugging his cranium. However, what he had in his right hand was a one-way ticket Straight Outta the matrix.

“That’s a classic you got there,” I said to the stranger after mildly nudging him out of his self-induced musical hypnosis. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face, not knowing what I was talking about. I clarified by pointing to his copy of the groundbreaking Hip Hop Decoded, authored by The Black Dot. The young man smiled.

“Yeah man, I was a baby when it came out, but it’s right on point for today.” I shook my head and smiled, knowing full well that the young man was just a boy when the book was released in 2005.

The brief exchange exemplifies Dot’s importance –not just as an author—but as a teacher. He is adept at translating the knowledge and experience of his yesterdays so that it is eagerly embraced and practically used by the blossoming  minds of tomorrow. His latest book, Urban Culture Decoded, boldly addresses a myriad of issues critical to their new world.


“I’m not actually out to create a scene with the book, but rather make public ideas people know will work, but are too afraid to propose,” explained The Black Dot in a personal statement issued to Mind Glow Media just hours after my encounter with the youth in New Jersey. “It takes an unapologetic warrior to step in every few generations and change the direction of the country. Urban America is under great threat from itself, yet we have all we need to solve the issues at our disposal.

I’m ultimately attempting to address the elephant in the room that nobody is brave enough to acknowledge. If parents, teachers, policy makers and anyone else in a position of authority can take the time to venture with me into the unconventional, then saving this lost generation will be easier than we expect. But time is pressing; will you give me a chance to have my say?”

Indeed. To order the new book written by one of my teachers,  go directly to his website at 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Heavy Rotation: Space-Time Perception, Beauty & Manifesting Your Own Reality

Time is not an illusion. Your awareness of it stems from a modification in your brain’s magnetic field. This adjustment gives rise to time perception through a phenomenon that physicists call  Inertial Frame Dragging (IFD). This is when a stationary mass—which may be a localized body of energy—distorts the fabric of space-time with its rotation. 

Imagine looking at a whirlpool of water in your tub as the water is going down the drain. Think of this water as the equivalent of space, while the empty vacuum at its center would represent the invisible energy that causes the water to spiral around it down the drain. 

IFD also occurs in the frontal lobe of your brain when you engage in intense mental focus. Over 100 years ago esotericist Paschal Beverly Randolph taught the principles of what he called, Volantia, which offers us critical keys for understanding IFD as well as the quantum singularities that they precipitate.

If you would like to hear a musical rendition of what IFD would sound like—if it could be heard—I recommend that you listen to the instrumental for “Brooklyn Babies,” by RZA as BobbyDigital, from beginning to end. I want you to see, hear, and feel what I’m describing in this article instead of just reading a bunch of words on a screen. If you have no clue of what the fuck I’m talking about then I’m just wasting your time. Then again, what is your time really worth if you believe that it is an illusion?

Back in the day when we conducted internet searches on our computers we would see an hour glass on our screens as the requested information was being pulled up. Sometimes you had to wait for a considerable amount of time before your page would load. The hour glass, of course, is a symbolic reference to time.  Through wireless technology, information is being gathered from the internet at increasingly higher speeds. As a result, the web browsing iconography (the hour glass) had to be upgraded to reflect the quantum leap that was being made in our collective space-time reference.

Nowadays, when we conduct our web searches we see a rotating circle appear on our monitors as our desired web pages load up much quicker than they did 15 years ago via dial up. The ring rotating clockwise represents a quantum singularity. A quantum singularity is an energetically charged, yet very localized, portion of space with a powerful gravitational pull. It’s sort of like a fat wet pussy on the verge of orgasm after being eaten, and then beaten, by a blazing bamboo cock.

However a quantum singularity is generated by the intensity of IFD occurring at a high speed of acceleration. This distortion in the fabric of space holds the key to space-time perception and the transference of higher intelligence from the causal plane into your brain through centripetal force. I use the term “space-time” because your ability to see space (height, width and depth) is a prerequisite for your perception of time. Space and time go hand-in-hand.

Over the past week or two, I’ve been getting random visuals of the ancient Kemetic god Khnum that pop in and out of my head. In my visions he has what looks like a powerful rotating black hole in his forehead that emits a bright light.

Khnum is both a water spirit and a creator god whom Egyptologists say molded the bodies of humans into being on a potter’s wheel. The ram-headed Khnum has even been identified as a master of the potter’s wheel. Yesterday, after years of reading about this potter’s wheel, I decided to challenge my own sense of inquisitiveness by getting some information on how a potter’s wheel works. I have provided a YouTube video right below for you to view this.

While watching the video I realized that Khnum’s “potter’s wheel” is really a metaphorical reference to a quantum singularity, a rotating ring, that he generates in his forehead. This “potter’s wheel” may even be the conceptual precursor to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Cern, Switzerland. Only through contemplating and writing this post have I come to this realization on a conscious level.

Among other things, Khnum is the Kemetyu (so-called ancient Egyptian) cultural reference for the man or woman who is able to manifest the reality of their choice through the willful focus of their mind. Any man or woman who consistently does this can, and should, be identified as a “creator god” since they are molding the reality of their personal choice into being.

                                  Large Hadron Collider

The Khnum man or woman is a “master manifestor” who has the power to hold a vivid vision in their head and make that vision tangible so that others can experience and benefit from it. In order to even begin manifesting anything into existence you must get the rotating disk in your forehead spinning. As the ring begins to pick up speed it generates a centrifugal force that projects outward. To activate mental rotation your consciousness must exist outside of the circle of time.

You can position yourself there through meditation, which has multiple forms besides the Yoga lotus position that many people are familiar with. When I am writing I am literally meditating with a pen or keyboard device in my hand. When I’m in my zone, I am outside the circle of time. The absence of sound—or at the very least—the ability to transcend your conscious awareness of it, is critical to a good meditation.

Time is generated by speech. Space-time perception is a byproduct of language. This is why if you look at various ancient scriptures across the globe, they often speak of creation (which requires the dimension of space-time to exist) coming into existence AFTER the utterance of spoken words.

Time does not exist in the vacuum of outer space because there is no oxygen there. You need oxygen to mold the sounds that give form and structure to the spoken word. If a man places his lips in his woman’s ear and romantically whispers “Honey, I bought you some Nutella,” he is forming those words through the manipulation of his mouth, tongue and throat. When the man’s breath hits the ambient oxygen surrounding he and his woman, the woman hears the oxygen particle’s vibration as a spoken word.  However what makes the sound possible is the oxygen around them. Again, there is no sound in a vacuum because no oxygen is present.

Nevertheless, human perception of time is speeding up, and we can see this when we observe the chronological sequence of communication trends within the construct of popular culture, most notably, social media. On MySpace, people would write a lot on their pages. Facebook is a continuation of that, but to a lesser degree. People share more pictures and videos on Facebook than they do text. With Twitter, the user is only permitted to type a couple of sentences.

With the introduction of Instagram, the central focus became pictures, as opposed to text. Young, curvy women who do not have much to say love Instagram, but so do the men and women who enjoy looking at these women. All of the preceding social media platforms I just named use lots of pictures, but only when Instagram came on the scene did pictures become the MAIN focus. As a writer, I wanted to understand why. To gain understanding, sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious.

The answer is that pictures offer a more direct means of communication that words have never offered the masses of human beings. Words are powerful, but they only have value and meaning to the extent that you can generate the pictures in your mind that correspond with them. This is why the more effective writers use metaphors and similes that are heavy with imagery in their writing. Pictures always convey instant messages to us that completely bypass the construct of time, whereas words may not.

If your mind cannot associate a clear picture with a particular word, then that word has no meaning for you. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably just skip over the word you're reading, but do not understand, instead of getting a dictionary to see what the word means. If the reader does not have a pictorial frame of reference for a word being used in a text, then the meaning that the word carries cannot penetrate the mind of the reader. The meaning is lost.

If pictures allow instant communication and immediate comprehension through images that clearly have a more universal meaning among humans than words do, then why was writing even invented in the first place? What is its intrinsic value? These two questions are rooted in the assumption that writing was intended for mass communication and universal understanding, but it was not. It is not the ideal medium for communication with the masses. It never was.

The Pyramid Text, Kemet's oldest known piece of writing.

    Ancient Manuscript from the University of Timbuktu

Writing was initially invented BY an elite class FOR an elite class to precipitate an exchange of ideas and abstract concepts that could be conceived in the mind, but may not have had a tangible reference point in the objective world of consensus reality. Some people may call this elite class the Illuminati. That’s cool. However, I would be talking about the original Illuminati that was comprised of Black men and women who founded the earliest civilizations and empires on planet Earth. I’m not talking about the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt that some people like to read about in New World Order horror novels passing themselves off as the debriefings of insiders within the global power elite.

Communication that is specifically intended for the masses will revolve almost entirely around pictures, not words. Words are for the movers and shakers of our current world. Besides maybe a few athletes and entertainers, I can’t think of any affluent people who hold power and influence in the world who cannot read AND write effectively. The American movie industry is centered on moving pictures. With few exceptions, Hollywood primarily exists to mentally condition the masses under the guise of entertainment. It’s a Trojan horse for the Trojan man who may be out to screw you.

The most provocative pictures that garner the most interest from both men and women are usually pictures of beautiful women. How many times have you seen a very attractive woman say something on social media that is trivial or just downright stupid, yet she is showered with phony praises and compliments by people in her network? The dumber, or the more banal her commentary is, the more aware the woman is of her effect on her audience. You can see this because her words are always accompanied by her powerful image. The words don’t stand on their own because they can’t. This woman knows that her audience is not responding to her words. They are responding to her image. But her image IS the message, and that message is beauty. Pay attention.

We live in a world that can be very ugly. You have racial injustice, class struggles, gender inequality, homelessness and starvation. As a result, everyone craves for beauty and all that it entails. Beauty reinvigorates the mind and soothes the soul. Short sighted people see beauty as something shallow and trivial but it is VERY important to our lives. This is why intelligent people who have a lot of disposable income will always invest in some form of art. Beauty in all of its forms, in all of its interpretations, is the martial drumbeat behind our decisive march toward a timeless world, where appetite meets desire in between the blink of an eye.

The observable transition from our cultural emphasis on words, to an even greater preoccupation with images, strongly points to the ascendancy of the feminine principle that is rooted in matter, which is therefore visual. In his recent exegesis on the state of the world, Pope Francis urgently stressed the importance of taking care of the earth and its priceless resources. He referred to Earth as a “her” throughout his lengthy address.

While I certainly do not consider the Vatican to be an institution of higher spiritual enlightenment, I think that the Pope’s words are worthy of note, especially when they are examined within the context of this article. The rotating ring that replaced the hour glass icon in your internet browses may very well be a womb ushering the birth of a new global paradigm.  

Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow is a precious curiosity. Today is a gift cloaked in a box decorated with the perceptual ribbons that we call the present. However, this present is only a gift if it is a bridge to a rich and fulfilling future. From my vantage point, that future is a rotating circle full of endless possibility.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Political Fiction of "White Supremacy" & The Media's Power of Depiction

“The media is the most powerful entity on the earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty, and the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
-          Malcolm X

“White Supremacy” is a political fiction. If it were real, it would not affirm itself so frequently and so aggressively in the absence of a legitimate challenge. But there is a legitimate challenger to the perception of white dominance. It’s called the truth. The system that has commonly been identified as “White Supremacy,” is in truth a malignant inferiority complex which has metastasized within the body politic of minorities across the globe who identify themselves as  white.

The initial symptom for this diagnosis of the White Male Inferiority Complex was the violent suppression of white female sexuality at the onset Europe’s Christian era. White Supremacy is a man with 73 years behind him, flexing his flaccid biceps in the mirror with a prosthetic penis bulging from underneath his speedos.

“White Supremacy” is a media term designed to assume itself into our daily reality through careless repetition. The rusty downstream media calls groups that are Black Supremacist in ideology “Black Separatists” or “Militants” because to identify them as they are would give power to the mere notion of Black Supremacy.

That’s a scary thought for someone who has been shielded from honestly examining their  inferiority complex through several generations of stolen privileges. This sense of inferiority that many whites have may prove to be unfounded, but white America is afraid to find out for certain by relinquishing white privilege.

It goes without saying, that Black America must exercise its unalienable right to self-determination. Whether or not many of us will strive to do so in the United States is something that remains to be seen. What I do know, is that we can no longer afford to be content with these meaningless and petty symbolic victories we go after as a direct response to racial hatred and injustice. Black people in America have already secured the greatest symbolic victory it will ever receive in the election of a Black president who has served the better part of a decade in office.

Eradicating the Confederate flag from public view will do nothing for us. All it does is conceal the identities of potential enemies who might otherwise be out in the open. Besides, the confederate flag is no more of a symbol of institutionalized racism and oppression than the American flag is. Did the Southern Confederacy plot to sabotage Marcus Garvey’s U.N.I.A movement and succeed in doing so? Did they initiate the Tuskegee syphilis experiments that destroyed the lives of numerous Black men? What role did the confederacy play in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X? The U.S. government orchestrated all of the above.

Let’s not be cowards in our political activism by going after the low-hanging fruit and the vulnerable bully while ignoring the elephant in the room that has historically committed some of the most heinous crimes of racial hatred against Black Americans, post reconstruction era. A pole dancer pulling down the confederate flag is nothing to get excited about. As soon as Black America started asking itself the really important questions after the Charleston South Carolina shooting, the downstream media distracted it with the irrelevant confederate flag “controversy” and many of us fell for it.

By the way, I loved the TV show Dukes of Hazard as a child, especially the car with the confederate flag on it. Maybe media mind control has influenced me and my stance. All jokes aside, I believe that there are more important national issues for Black people to focus on. Besides, the stars and bars were adopted by Freemasonic southerners who stole the iconography from the Blacks who founded ancient Egypt. These southerners took a symbol of resurrection and made it synonymous with racism. But that’s another story for another day.

We can’t just be passionate about our plight in the wake of tragedy.  We have to live our lives in accord with these serious concerns on a year-round basis. Our progeny will depend on it. Economic solidarity is critical. Every Black person in America should be going out of their way to support and promote sustainable Black businesses with mutually beneficial profit motives. We must put our money where our mouths are or die. These words are not written to offend, they are written to inspire our people to ascend. Until we understand the power of words and the purpose of media then we will continue to sing the blues in exchange for cathartic social media fraternizing, which is primarily instigated by the downstream media.

The words in our heads generate images. When we focus intensely on these images we generate spirits, energetic units of intelligence that are mirror reflections of the imagery that brought them into being. Do these spirits assist you in your goals and aspirations? A lot of it depends on the images you focus on, but those images are often conjured up by the words that you entertain in your head and speak out loud to others.

The media’s power lies in its ability to seduce minds through the weaponization of beautiful words and images as a means of methodical persuasion.Those who magnify Venus’ influence on their personal magnetic fields will be granted access to human consent.

The Olmec Calendar was fashioned, in large part, from a careful observation of the cycles of Venus. A calendar is an umbrella that you can gather a nation under to shield it from the torrential showers of individualism which scatters collective focus. Those who convince a nation what it will focus on determine how that nation is defined. They mold the soul of that nation.

The new umbrella is media. Like the calendar, media sets the pace and tone for the movement of human consciousness within the scope of space and time. The broad-nosed, big lipped brothers with the large stone heads gave us a template to run with. Where are our track shoes? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re standing in seven with our eyes on six. Thats beauty.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Libra & Love

Love is the drive and desire to maintain singularity in the face of division. Who among you are willing to do combat with the forces of entropy to preserve what they claim to value and hold dear to their hearts?

Love cannot openly express its core identity without conflict. In the absence of conflict, it can only showcase the breathtaking beauty of its outer garments. Young children disguised as adults think that Love and Beauty are one and the same, but they are not. Love may involve fun in the sun, but it may also involve murder and mayhem. The spawns of cowardice resent their loneliness, yet refuse to draw their swords in the name of Love.

Love thrives at expressing itself in the midst of conflict. This paradox helps to explain why in many ethnic pantheons the goddess of love is a fierce warrior of the highest order. Those who excel in war see the inherent beauty in their conquests before they even engage in battle...

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Skeleton Key 2, Coming to a Theater Near You

Rachel Dolezal, the local president of the Negro Advancement of Ashkenazi’s Claiming Palestine (NAACP) should get a starring role in The Skeleton Key 2, written and directed by yours truly (lol). Nah, but seriously, there are a lot of Rachels out there, and there will be more of them within the next decade. The difference is that many of them will undergo surgery to get broader noses and have natural hair sewn into their heads. 

There are plenty of whites who are so enamored with contemporary Black culture that they even desire to co-opt the painful struggle that has molded it into being. Within that struggle there is a sense of identity. When you lack a core identity, you will inevitably come to the point where you have a genuine desire to cultivate one.  Identity is the crucible of the soul.

Meanwhile, there are a lot brothers and sisters on social networks bashing Rachel because of what she did. Ironically, they are often the ones using fake names and avatars on these internet platforms because they're afraid that their white bosses and/or human resource departments will find out about all of the Black Power rhetoric they spit behind a computer keyboard after work hours. Through the sense of anonymity that the internet provides, these individuals  are participating in some form of disassociation from their true selves. Who are they? Who is Rachel? Who are you?

A lot of sheep in wolves clothing are throwing digital stones at the notion of white supremacy and hiding their hands because they don’t really believe that they are protected by the ancestors they gloat about on social media.

Nevertheless, in a day and age when a dark-skinned Black woman or man will look at you with a straight face and tell you that they’re “mixed” the will of our ancestors is still being fulfilled in strange ways, and in Dolezal’s case, through even stranger bodies.

The ancestors would love more Black bodies to work through, but sometimes, it seems that there aren’t enough of us who truly trust in them and are willing to act upon our expressed convictions by doing The Work. Until there there are more Black people actively working toward the cause, they will do the best that they can  with the Dolezal’s of the world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Thank You Letter to Mind Glow Media Readers

Thanks to you, and thousands of other loyal supporters around the globe, Mind Glow Media (MGM) has had its strongest 2-month run with all-time highs in readership and contributions.

However, the time has come for me to place a greater emphasis on other areas of personal endeavor, which I’ve already been doing since 2015 started. I didn’t come to this planet to be a blogger, although I’m very proud of the work I’ve done. It has garnered the interest and support of a broad racial, ethnic, and class demographic without EVER compromising its overt focus on Black self-determination within the quest for self-mastery. 

Skill coupled with the Beauty of expression and presentation are far more effective in getting your message across to the world than playing on the fear and anger of a very small, disgruntled audience. To my fellow artists, angry people will never give you their TANGIBLE support ( When I say “tangible support” I’m not talking about Facebook likes. Although it’s a welcomed gesture, it doesn’t cost any money or time to tap a like button. There’s no personal sacrifice there. I’m talking about people who have taken the time to write letters/emails, or make phone calls of encouragement. I’m addressing well-wishers who have consistently shared my posts with people in their circles, offered monetary donations, or directed me to valuable resources that can assist me in reaching a broader audience). To support someone in a meaningful way you have to have love in your heart, and love and hate can’t occupy the same space at the same time. 

If there is any subject of interest pertinent to MGM which you would like to see addressed on my site, and you have NOT heard anyone talk about it, just inbox me the topic , while explaining why you think its important to explore. I will consider it for further research and critical examination. Everything is on the table for discussion, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

Again, thank you all for supporting Mind Glow Media, because at the end of the day, you dont have to. It was a choice that you made, and I appreciate it. If you're a friend to MGM, then you're a friend of “Mind.” I love yall.