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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Political Fiction of "White Supremacy" & The Media's Power of Depiction

“The media is the most powerful entity on the earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty, and the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
-          Malcolm X

“White Supremacy” is a political fiction. If it were real, it would not affirm itself so frequently and so aggressively in the absence of a legitimate challenge. But there is a legitimate challenger to the perception of white dominance. It’s called the truth. The system that has commonly been identified as “White Supremacy,” is in truth a malignant inferiority complex which has metastasized within the body politic of minorities across the globe who identify themselves as  white.

The initial symptom for this diagnosis of the White Male Inferiority Complex was the violent suppression of white female sexuality at the onset Europe’s Christian era. White Supremacy is a man with 73 years behind him, flexing his flaccid biceps in the mirror with a prosthetic penis bulging from underneath his speedos.

“White Supremacy” is a media term designed to assume itself into our daily reality through careless repetition. The rusty downstream media calls groups that are Black Supremacist in ideology “Black Separatists” or “Militants” because to identify them as they are would give power to the mere notion of Black Supremacy.

That’s a scary thought for someone who has been shielded from honestly examining their  inferiority complex through several generations of stolen privileges. This sense of inferiority that many whites have may prove to be unfounded, but white America is afraid to find out for certain by relinquishing white privilege.

Until we understand the power of words and the purpose of media then we will continue to sing the blues in exchange for cathartic social media fraternizing.

The words in our heads generate images. When we focus intensely on these images we generate spirits, energetic units of intelligence that are mirror reflections of the imagery that brought them into being. Do these spirits assist you in your goals and aspirations? A lot of it depends on the images you focus on, but those images are often conjured up by the words that you entertain in your head and speak out loud to others.

The media’s power lies in its ability to seduce minds through the weaponization of beautiful words and images as a means of methodical persuasion.Those who magnify Venus’ influence on their personal magnetic fields will be granted access to human consent.

The Olmec Calendar was fashioned, in large part, from a careful observation of the cycles of Venus. A calendar is an umbrella that you can gather a nation under to shield it from the torrential showers of individualism which scatters collective focus. Those who convince a nation what it will focus on determine how that nation is defined. They mold the soul of that nation.

The new umbrella is media. Like the calendar, media sets the pace and tone for the movement of human consciousness within the scope of space and time. The broad-nosed, big lipped brothers with the large stone heads gave us a template to run with. Where are our track shoes? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re standing in seven with our eyes on six. Thats beauty.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Libra & Love

Love is the drive and desire to maintain singularity in the face of division. Who among you are willing to do combat with the forces of entropy to preserve what they claim to value and hold dear to their hearts?

Love cannot openly express its core identity without conflict. In the absence of conflict, it can only showcase the breathtaking beauty of its outer garments. Young children disguised as adults think that Love and Beauty are one and the same, but they are not. Love may involve fun in the sun, but it may also involve murder and mayhem. The spawns of cowardice resent their loneliness, yet refuse to draw their swords in the name of Love.

Love thrives at expressing itself in the midst of conflict. This paradox helps to explain why in many ethnic pantheons the goddess of love is a fierce warrior of the highest order. Those who excel in war see the inherent beauty in their conquests before they even engage in battle...

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Skeleton Key 2, Coming to a Theater Near You

Rachel Dolezal, the local president of the Negro Advancement of Ashkenazi’s Claiming Palestine (NAACP) should get a starring role in The Skeleton Key 2, written and directed by yours truly (lol). Nah, but seriously, there are a lot of Rachels out there, and there will be more of them within the next decade. The difference is that many of them will undergo surgery to get broader noses and have natural hair sewn into their heads. 

There are plenty of whites who are so enamored with contemporary Black culture that they even desire to co-opt the painful struggle that has molded it into being. Within that struggle there is a sense of identity. When you lack a core identity, you will inevitably come to the point where you have a genuine desire to cultivate one.  Identity is the crucible of the soul.

Meanwhile, there are a lot brothers and sisters on social networks bashing Rachel because of what she did. Ironically, they are often the ones using fake names and avatars on these internet platforms because they're afraid that their white bosses and/or human resource departments will find out about all of the Black Power rhetoric they spit behind a computer keyboard after work hours. Through the sense of anonymity that the internet provides, these individuals  are participating in some form of disassociation from their true selves. Who are they? Who is Rachel? Who are you?

A lot of sheep in wolves clothing are throwing digital stones at the notion of white supremacy and hiding their hands because they don’t really believe that they are protected by the ancestors they gloat about on social media.

Nevertheless, in a day and age when a dark-skinned Black woman or man will look at you with a straight face and tell you that they’re “mixed” the will of our ancestors is still being fulfilled in strange ways, and in Dolezal’s case, through even stranger bodies.

The ancestors would love more Black bodies to work through, but sometimes, it seems that there aren’t enough of us who truly trust in them and are willing to act upon our expressed convictions by doing The Work. Until there there are more Black people actively working toward the cause, they will do the best that they can  with the Dolezal’s of the world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Thank You Letter to Mind Glow Media Readers

Thanks to you, and thousands of other loyal supporters around the globe, Mind Glow Media (MGM) has had its strongest 2-month run with all-time highs in readership and contributions.

However, the time has come for me to place a greater emphasis on other areas of personal endeavor, which I’ve already been doing since 2015 started. I didn’t come to this planet to be a blogger, although I’m very proud of the work I’ve done. It has garnered the interest and support of a broad racial, ethnic, and class demographic without EVER compromising its overt focus on Black self-determination within the quest for self-mastery. 

Skill coupled with the Beauty of expression and presentation are far more effective in getting your message across to the world than playing on the fear and anger of a very small, disgruntled audience. To my fellow artists, angry people will never give you their TANGIBLE support ( When I say “tangible support” I’m not talking about Facebook likes. Although it’s a welcomed gesture, it doesn’t cost any money or time to tap a like button. There’s no personal sacrifice there. I’m talking about people who have taken the time to write letters/emails, or make phone calls of encouragement. I’m addressing well-wishers who have consistently shared my posts with people in their circles, offered monetary donations, or directed me to valuable resources that can assist me in reaching a broader audience). To support someone in a meaningful way you have to have love in your heart, and love and hate can’t occupy the same space at the same time. 

If there is any subject of interest pertinent to MGM which you would like to see addressed on my site, and you have NOT heard anyone talk about it, just inbox me the topic , while explaining why you think its important to explore. I will consider it for further research and critical examination. Everything is on the table for discussion, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

Again, thank you all for supporting Mind Glow Media, because at the end of the day, you dont have to. It was a choice that you made, and I appreciate it. If you're a friend to MGM, then you're a friend of “Mind.” I love yall.


Monday, April 27, 2015

The Decline of the Black Nobility in Film

Some friends who are great supporters of MGM put me on to a film entitled Last Knights, which explains the fall of Europe’s Black Nobility through historical fiction. Historical fictions usually involve made up characters and story lines that are rooted in a historical basis that isn’t far removed from the truth. 

I wrote a couple of series on this site that talked about the “Black Nobility” of Europe which bleached itself out after several generations and became victimized by its own arrogance. Now you have another film that you can watch before and after you have read my pieces along with other writings on the Moors of medieval Europe.

The film stars Clive Owen and Morgan (Moor Again) Freeman. Interestingly enough, Freeman’s character looks like an older version of the Knight (Moorish nobleman) in the picture above. Is that a coincidence? I kind of doubt it. Checkout the film at the link below for further understanding. 

Much respect to True Master for crafting the “Y'all Been Warned” beat which has assisted me in my creative visualizations on the grand Moorish legacy.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

West Indian Flag Sorcery & The United States of "Atlantis"

JAMAICA: The “X” is a cross and in Jamaican lingo a cross is a curse. The YELLOW cross divides the BLACK people while cutting them off from the inherent wealth of their lush GREEN land. Yellow can be symbolic of hope, redemption, and resurrection , which can be cancelled out or compromised by a cross/curse. The dreams of a great and mighty people have been temporarily deferred.

TRINIDAD: These great BLACK people strive to rise up, but end up backsliding. Their direction as a collective is outlined by WHITE colonial ideals that still remain prevalent in their minds. This “frame” of thought places “borders” on their consciousness, which temporarily blocks them from connecting with the deepest ancestral RED bloodlines which are the source of their true power.

Biographies for both islands typically say that they “adopted” their flags in 1962, the year they both got their so-called independence. However you cannot "adopt" something that YOU created. You can only adopt something created for you by someone else. So much for independence. I may break down the flags of other islands at a later time.

Nevertheless, I think that the people have the power to force their governments to do the right thing. I think that a United States of the West Indies is needed. I say this because the similarities in language and culture can yield quick results. Ultimately, this model should be expanded to include all the Caribbean islands that would like to work together, sharing resources, under one single governing body.

The flag for this Caribbean superstate should be designed and voted on by the people themselves. Whoever designs a national flag controls the fate of the people who pledge allegiance to it. A flag codifies the destiny of a nation through the use of color and geometry. Who designed your flag?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wolof to English Dictionary

Ancient Kemet (Egypt) has left a powerful impression on mankind. It would behoove those of us who are enamored by it to get familiar with the modern language that shares the most commonalities with the language of the ancient Kemau. 

The Moorish paradigm is very popular among many of you. Maybe you should get familiar with a language spoken by the medieval Moors who made history shaping the modern world. The language I am talking about is Wolof, which is spoken by the people of Senegal.

The brothers in the picture above are Senegalese Sufis. They call themselves "Mouride." Their school of thought is called "Baye Fall." They are not to be confused with the Turkish Beys of the Ottoman Empire. These are blood relatives to many of the historical Moors.

Check out the link below where you can download the PDF as a Wolof to English Dictionary.