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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lion's Lamp & The Quest for A Higher Fire

The amount of power that you currently have can be assessed by observing your ability to manipulate your environment to effect desired changes within it.

Those who do not want to see you enhance your ability to do this are not your friends although they may appear to be. They are the carpenters of defeat, assembling limiting structures that rupture the mansions of mastery within your mind.

They use the height of your personal failures, and the length of your losses, as measuring sticks for their own success. They cannot draw up a workable blueprint for themselves because they are too busy critiquing the architectural frameworks of those who put the hammer and wrench to work for real.

Your personal space, is the place, in which these losers with rulers, set the poisonous groundwork for your disgrace. You work your magic through your wood. Don’t let wayward woodworkers invade your space.

In my writings I speak truth to power because I know that we’'o power because I know that we've all been lied to on our energy bills. We generate megawatts for blocks on full batteries. These chumps can’t “charge” us.

It would be a violation of our souls if they did. We are walking power plants, in an endless dance, with the damsels and dons of destiny. When we speak truthfully about our respective conditions it clarifies our collective reality while enabling us to connect emotionally with one another by highlighting powerful common experiences.

 If you’re a reader of Mind Glow Media, chances are you are a progressive, forwarding thinking, individual who wants the best for themselves and others. You can count yourself among those who are truly inspired. You're always ready to spark the dark with the flaming arch of a higher fire. Not everyone is like you, though, and that is okay.

Be careful who you share your dreams and highest aspirations with. And even when you do, pay close attention to their reactions. Is your perceived confidante a beacon of encouragement, or are they a mouthpiece of defeat?

When we refuse to pay attention we end up paying a hefty price.  If this message resonates with you, feel free to  lace up your track shoes and run with it. Hopefully, it contained helpful words that will light your path and heighten The Glow. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hail to the King: Why Ghana Matters to those who Follow the Kemetic Way

A frequent reader of Mind Glow Media posed a great question to me through this blog which I’d like to share with you. They said that they appreciate the articles I write, but would like to know why I have made such a noticeable amount of references to Ghana in my posts. “What’s so special about Ghana?” I was asked.

The assumption that this reader went on to make was that I acknowledge Ghana in my writings because I, myself, am Ghanaian. I can see why they would think that. However my family is actually Jamaican, although many Jamaicans originally came from Ghana and what is today known as Senegal. This explains why reggae is so popular in these countries. The music resonates because of a strong genetic bond that is shared among the people. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

I’ve referenced Ghanaian history, iconography, and life science in my posts over the last five years, going back to my two-part series 2010: The Year We Make Contact, which I  wrote in May of that year. So many people are in love with ancient Kemet (as they should be) without realizing that the substantive spiritual TRADITIONS and CULTURE of Kemet are still alive in Ghana and other parts of West Africa like Senegal, Mali, and Nigeria.

 I specifically referenced Ghana—which literally means “Land of the Warrior King” or “King of Gold”—more than the aforementioned nations because I know that much of modern day Mali, Senegal and Mauritania was under the mighty Ghanaian Empire. The Dogon of Mali have preserved Kemet’s Annu (called Heliopolis by the Greeks) cosmology.

Wolof—which is spoken by the Senegalese and Mauritanians—has many linguistic markers that are distinctly Kemetic, but so does Ghana, as I have pointed out elsewhere on this site. Besides being a tonal language, the Twi language of Ghana shares some intriguing commonalities with what has been identified by Judaic scholars as ancient Hebrew too. You can read Hebrewisms of West Africa by Joseph J. Williams among other books for more details. Still Twi is just one of the languages spoken in Ghana.

Modern day Mali and Senegal are both remnants of old Ghana, which covered far more territory than modern day Ghana does. There is even a locality in Senegal commonly known as Sanghana going back to the Middle Ages.  A common mistake a lot of people make is they assume that the current land designations of West Africa are the same as they were in pre-colonial times, but they were not.

Some people reading this may say “I hear what you’re saying bro, but I don’t fuck with them West Africans because they sold us into slavery.” Nigga...ya mother sold you into slavery when she sent you off to public school. Da fuck is you sayin’? However she is also the one who fed you when you were hungry, and planted the first seeds of love in your heart and mind so that you could even  conceptualize who or what “God” is.

Why dont you have the same forgiveness for Momma Africa as you do for your biological mother who didnt always make the best decisions for you?

The Trans-Atlantic trade of Black gods and goddesses in hibernation coincided with the onset of civil wars throughout West Africa, which is not a coincidence. Some Africans were happy with the trade, while many others were not.

I would like to introduce you to the work of someone who has more practical knowledge on this subject than I do, and is more than qualified to further elaborate on the message that I have been sharing over the years. He has an extremely powerful message. Just click on his internet podcasts and listen right HERE. Once the page loads click on the tab that says “EPISODES”

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spicy Neteru

Ausar is the good guy, and Set is the bad guy. This type of thinking force-fits Kemetic psychology into a relatively primitive mental framework that is rooted in Iranian Dualism.

None of the gods and goddesses of Kemet are good" or evil any more than the powder seasonings in your kitchen cupboard are good or evil.I wouldn't put cumin in a chocolate cake mix that I am going to bake, but that doesn't mean that cumin is inherently bad. It just means that if I factor it into my culinary equation then I may not get the sweet answer that I am looking for. 3+X=7, but the value of X might just be the god Set.

The spiritual sciences are for taste makers. Religious thinking is for their consumers. I'm dishing food for thought. Don't let it go to waste. But also learn how to cook, instead of just stuffing your face.

Kemetopia: Ancient Kemet seen through a Hip Hop Lens

Kemetic theology and high spiritual culture, is in many ways, an early antecedent to the modern hip hop aesthetic. Hip hop, in its original intent, involves taking bits and pieces from a wide variety of musical soundscapes to create something exciting and new.

Ancient Kemetic spiritual psychology is an amalgam of many spiritual traditions from West, Central, South and East Africa. Kemet is a remarkable synthesis of African thought, just as hip hop music at its best is a remarkable synthesis of Black musical traditions.

Saying I fuck with Kemet, but not Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, the Congo, Kenya or South Africa is like saying My favorite rap songs of all time are 'Kingdom Come,' by Jay-Z and 'Cant Touch This' by MC Hammer, but I can't bring myself to appreciate 'Super Freak' by Rick James.

When I started listening carefully to the original songs that my favorite hip hop tracks were sampled from, it gave me a deeper appreciation for the artist's whose work was being sampled. Many of these artists are long dead, which makes hip hop sampling a form of ancestor worship. Please note that the word worship has more than one definition, and may simply mean to “revere.

Listening to the power-source root recordings of Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many others trained my ear to the point where I now have creative sampling ideas that have never been utilized (to my current knowledge).

I can listen to songs from any genre of music, and point to specific sections of a song that can be looped to create a new and potentially powerful auditory experience for the listener. I can intuit where to cut into the nucleus a song to release the atomic energy inherent in the track. Now I need to learn how to use ALL of the technology that allows me to actualize what I hear in my head (lol).

At any rate, following the Kemetic way for real means that you have to develop the kind of mind akin to a classic hip hop producer's. This is different from the mind of a hip hop consumer with a big Ankh chain and a long Kemetic name to over compensate for a small Kemetic mind.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Green Science & The Economy of Abundance

Someone once asked me why I would insist on paying a good friend full price for their service when they were willing to offer that service for free. My answer was simple: My friend is incredible at what they do and should receive full compensation for their work.

There's nothing wrong with getting a good deal, or even a gift, when you can. However wholly embracing the “Get Over” mentality is for bums who think and act from a position of perpetual lack. The compensation we give to others should resonate with the energy frequency of the work they've produced.

Nothing that we receive that is of value is for free, even if it is given to us for free. Good marketing on the part of a manufacturer does not excuse us from the universal law of reciprocity. We WILL pay.

Whether we realize it or not, we always get charged at full price for whatever we take from others. You are even charged by the sun for the photonic food that you receive, which explains why you may feel taxed once you've been exposed to a lot of sunshine. Pay attention.

It is better for us to pay willingly for what we acquire on our own accord than be forced by unforeseen circumstances to pay a spiritual expense with compounded interest to satisfy a universal debt. Nature abhors a void, but a void is exactly what is created when great work is not enthusiastically compensated.

Gods and Goddesses don't penny pinch, nor do they work for free. They tip well and receive offerings and sacrifices from their tributaries. Surely, a skilled mortal is worthy of their hire. The great work of people who create value is ALWAYS rewarded despite what we think we see while making observations from the outside looking in.

There are non-corporeal intelligences in our universe that accumulate spiritual currency from the sorrow and misfortune of stingy men and women who have the power to give, but choose not to.

This currency accumulated from their collective grief is placed in a Meta Bank, from which CosmiCoins are withdrawn and disseminated to dedicated men and women who create value in society by doing The Work that fosters culture which forms the bedrock upon which high civilizations are built.

Every god and goddess from your favorite pantheon is an angel investor and a creditor. Are you drowning in debt, or is your credit line steadily increasing through your valuable contributions? It is my personal observation that those who practice philanthropy smile very often, and these smiles are not forced. These are the genuine smiles of people who are safeguarded by universal law.

Those who diligently keep their noses to the grindstone, despite a perceived lack of support, will inevitably receive credit line increases and currency from the Masters of the Universe who are shareholders of the Meta Bank. Visible success takes its time accumulating mass and volume within the realm of the unseen.

It is wise to conserve precious resources, but in a universe of abundance, being dishonorably cheap doesn't pay. Follow the rhythm of reciprocity and participate in the dance of abundance today.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Habanero Thoughts: More Fire for the Soul

When it comes to cooked food, I like mine spicy with an assortment of hot peppers (scotch bonnet pepper is a MUST). They’ve been a part of my meals since I was at least 9-years-old.

I have a hard time eating cooked food that's mild; not because it tastes bad. The food just doesn't feed my spirit or sustain my passion in the same way that spicy, peppery foods do.

Sometimes people don't understand how I can go long periods of time without eating and still keep my energy up without suffering fatigue (I sometimes forget to eat). I read a passage in a book this morning that brought this thought directly to mind:

“ Vodou mental construct, exposition to fire after death is not a punishment like in the hell of the monotheistic religions, but a means of energizing the souls to counteract the effect of entropy.”

In other words, fire keeps the soul strong enough to fulfill its purpose. The book goes on to state that entropy “is a dreaded state or situation for the surviving semedo.”

“Semedo” is a Dahomean term for what the wise men of ancient Kemet understood as the subtle Body Double that survives after a person's dense physical body ceases functioning.

In Portuguese “Sem Medo” means “Without Fear.” The Semedo/body double can only conceive of a reality without fear once it ceases to identify exclusively with the temporality of the dense physical body it is encapsulated in. Da homies in Dahomey were visited by the Portuguese as far back as the 17th century.

The Portuguese were not looking for pepper, though. They were looking for that smokeless fire brought to the Western hemisphere in chains and shackles.

Your stomach is a brain. Just look at a picture of a human intestines and compare it to a picture of a human brain.We eat with our eyes, and a wise person watches what they eat. Feast on this fire for your soul. Make sure that you don’t spit out the grease.

The Trance-Formational Power of Music

“A song is more than just a melody. The words and sounds are psychic and axionic expressions that have the ability to create high-energy state, high-vibratory state that can increase the power of a soul or a loa. In our ordinary reality, music in itself has the ability of inducing different levels of mind alterations, from mild elation, bliss, or ecstasy, to rapturous frenzy, agitation, madness, vigor, or somnolence, sleep, and heavy trance. Al types of music—from the slow and monotonous rhythms in adagio, andante, largo, scherzo; from the elegiac and romantic to the trepidation of allegro, allegretto, and its variants vivace, animato, agitato, martial, and prestissimo; from the pianissimo to the fortissimo; from a simple instrument, flute, piano, violin to a full-blown symphonic orchestra; from the gallop of rock-n-roll and the twist to the pompous, grave, martial, or glorious expressions of the baroque—are capable of creating a whirling of energy, a maelstrom that places the individual on the threshold of singularities.”

                                                     -Reginald Crosley, M.D.
                                                   TheVodou Quantum Leap